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Bespoke handmade jewellery by Becky Morgans

My passion for jewellery began in 2000 on a visit to Nepal. It was there I made the acquaintance of local silversmiths who were kind enough to share their knowledge of skills for their craft. Inspiration spurred me on to experience as much as possible on my travels from Nepal to Laos, where I acquired a diverse range of experiences in local life and silver-smithing skills.

On returning to the UK I immediately enrolled on an apprenticeship with an experienced jewellery maker/designer in the dreaming spires of Oxford. Having now been taught by many wonderful craftsman & women, I felt ready to make my mark on the world of jewellery.

So It was time to travel again, this time to a beautiful Thai Island off the coast of Malaysia. This is where I set up my first workshop along with a retail shop. A large part of my work here was to discuss clients individual requirements for commissions. At the time i also specialised in using sea glass all of which i found along the beach I lived on.

Three and a half years on, my workshop is now based back in the beautiful city of Oxford where my creative flare is growing stronger. Oxford life with all its diversity and intricate designs around me constantly transpires into new ideas for works of art.

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Becky Morgans hand craft bespoke jewellery

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